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Asynchronous Web Resources

The Writing Hub is in the process of developing asynchronous workshops, delivered through web-based videos and writing practice activities. Please note: these resources are in progress and we will add more resources to this catalog throughout the year. 

Resources for the Academic Job Market

We have developed two asynchronous workshops for academic job seekers: one for the Teaching Statement and another for the Diversity Statement. Each resource entails a 3-part video as well as 2 optional worksheets. 

Teaching Statements

Teaching Statements, Part 1 Video

Teaching Statements, Part 1 Worksheet:

Teaching Statements, Part 2 Video

Teaching Statements, Part 2 Worksheet

Teaching Statements, Part 3 Video


Diversity Statements

Diversity Statements, Part 1 Video

Diversity Statements, Part 1 Worksheet

Diversity Statements, Part 2 Video

Part 2 Worksheet

Diversity Statements, Part 3 Video