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Writing Hub Resources for Departments

We can work with your department or program to support writing-focused curriculum redesign, written communication learning outcomes evaluation, skill-building programs for graduate students, and strategic initiatives that promote writing and/or enhance support for student writers.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these options, please let us know here

Writing in Undergraduate Programs

Curriculum Development

We meet with groups of faculty, department chairs and co-chairs, and education program directors to discuss writing in and across your department's curriculum. Our aims are to help departments evaluate program-level learning outcomes in writing and generate intentional instruction efforts across multiple courses to grow students' writing skills as they progress in the program.

Thesis/Capstone Support 

The Writing Hub partners with faculty teaching Honors and Senior Thesis/Capstone courses to offer a variety of Writing Hub-lead in-class interventions to support students’ development of key skills in advanced undergraduate writing (e.g. framing research questions, synthesizing literatures, revising, and achieving clarity with complex topics).

In-Class Workshops

We work with faculty to develop impactful in-class events that support students as writers in specific courses. We will partner with you to  design and deliver interactive in-class events that give students hands-on practice and abstractable strategies for developing their writing.

Course-Dedicated Writing Tutors

The Writing Hub can provide dedicated one-on-one writing support to students enrolled courses or programs. We partner with departments, providing training and supervision for a group of highly skilled writing tutors who will meet one-on-one with students, supporting their achievement of course-relevant writing skills.

Graduate Research Writing Support

We partner with programs, departments, and faculty advisors to support graduate students as researchers and writers. Through collaboration with faculty, we develop and run writing-related programs and events aimed to develop graduate students' knowledge of the research writing process. These events deliver engaging, high-quality content, and give your graduate students hands-on practice and richer understandings of key topics in academic writing. 

Topics Available: 

  • “What Makes It Go?: Research Article Writing 101”
  • “Writing a Research Story”
  • “Framing the Work: Writing a Compelling Introduction”
  • “How to Lit Review” 
  • “Complex Ideas in Clear Words: Writing with Clarity and Style”
  • “Good Writing Is Good Re-Writing: The Revising Process”
  • “Writing Winning Abstracts”
  • “Academic Job Market Statements (Research, Teaching, Diversity)”
To schedule an in-department writing event, please contact us here

Department-Embedded Graduate Writing Consultants

For a more structured and long-term approach to supporting graduate student writers, the Writing Hub partners with departments to jointly fund graduate students as program-dedicated Graduate Writing Consultants. These Writing Consultants provide discipline-specific writing support to graduate students in your program through one-on-one writing consultations and customized workshops. To explore options, please contact us here