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Meet the Writing Consultants

We hire and train over 50 undergraduate and graduate students to work as peer writing consultants in the Writing Hub. Each of our writing consultants receives over 70 hours of training every year, in addition to regular observations and performance feedback. 

Our writing consultants are an integral part of our staff and the services we offer to the campus. As a result, we are deeply invested in their professional and intellectual development. The majority of our writing consultants stay with us for many years. 

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Undergraduate Writing Consultants

  • Angel S.

    Clinical Psychology (major)/Literature/Writing (Minor), Seventh College

    Hi! My name is Angel and I am a third-year Clinical Psychology major with a minor in Creative Writing. I am passionate about both STEM and the humanities, and I am familiar with argumentative or analytical essays, literature reviews, and research papers (especially as a cultural/clinical psychology Research Assistant).

    Although I am a Seventh College student experienced in the Synthesis Writing Program, I am open to working on assignments from any of the writing programs at UCSD. If you need input on creative writing, I have plenty of experience in poetry, journalism, prose, playwriting, scriptwriting, and experimental writing. Writing is something I am very passionate about because I believe it is a powerful medium of expression that combines experience, culture, and identity.

    I understand that writing can be a vulnerable process, and it can get ugly at times. However, I hope to assist you in bringing your ideas and arguments to fruition by using your current skills, interests, and understanding. Whether it be helping you find your voice as a writer or simply refining your essay, I look forward to making the writing process easier for you. If you need to brainstorm, I would love to hear if you have any creative or experimental ideas on how to approach artistic or even academic topics! As a Filipino-American first-gen immigrant, I understand that every student has their own relationship with creative writing, academic writing/language, and English.

    I am most comfortable providing consultations in English, but I also understand and speak Tagalog and will do my best to match your energy however you choose to communicate.

  • Annette K.

    Seventh college , History / Linguistics


    Hello! My name is Annette and I’m a history student minoring in linguistics at Seventh College. I have loved researching and analyzing data for projects in my classes and would love to work with you on projects from the Synthesis series and other various writing classes. I have a passion for justice so I love writing because I can incorporate my interests into my projects. I have been a tutor since my high school days as well and can’t wait to continue tutoring at UCSD. I’ve also tutored students comfortable with Korean in the past as I speak the language so I am comfortable working in Korean. Also, I am willing to provide text-only and quiet space accommodations.

    Can’t wait to work with you, see you soon!

  • Annika D.

    Political Science: Comparative Politics, minors in Spanish Literature and Computational Social Science


    Hi! My name is Annika, and I am a third-year Political Science: Comparative Politics major with minors in Spanish Literature and Computational Social Science. As an ERC student, I have completed all of the MMW sequence and the Upper Division Writing Requirement, so feel free to reach out to me regarding those courses. However, I can help you tackle other colleges' writing courses as welI. I particularly love writing due to its intricacies---in my view, it's a process of creating something that is entirely our own---and I am so excited to tutor here at the Writing Hub! I am most familiar with analytical essays and research papers, but I also have experience with personal statements, cover letters, literary analysis, and journalistic writing.

    I feel most comfortable providing consultations in English, but I am proficient in Spanish as well!


  • Ashlyn B.

    Literatures in English (major) and Ethnic Studies (minor), Marshall College


     Hey friends! My name is Ashlyn, and I’m a third year studying English Literature at Marshall College! As someone who loves literature and has a passion for education, I would love to help you not only in the writing process but also see the freedom and power that writing holds. I see writing/literature both as a creative outlet and as a way to uplift voices that may be canonically marginalized or silenced. While I enjoy all types of writing, I am most comfortable with argumentative essays, literary analysis/research, the DOC sequence, and professional correspondence. Feel free to come talk at any point of your writing process, as I would love to be of assistance in any way! Writing can sometimes seem like a daunting and stressful task, but I hope to make a space that is liberating and safe to explore the beauty that writing has to offer!

    I can provide writing consultations in English.

  • Daisy R.

    Muir College, Business Economics, Linguistics Language Studies - Brazilian Portuguese


    Hi there! My name is Daisy and i'm a part of Muir College! I'm currently a third-year studying Business Economics and minoring in Linguistics Language Studies - Brazilian Portuguese. I have experience with the Analytical Writing Program (AWP 3) and the Muir College Writing Program (MCWP 40 & 50). I also have experience with various forms of writing such as grant writing, business writing and writing for fine arts. I acknowledge that writing can be a hard process however, I hope that working collaboratively can help alleviate the intimidation that comes with the writing process. As someone that loves to learn new languages I hope to reach as many people with my writing and passion for communicating with others!

    I can provide consultations in English and Spanish. However, I also have an intermediate level of Portuguese that I can utilize in our consultations!



  • Danny H.

    Cognitive Science/Design + Interaction (major) & Technology, Innovation and Supply Chain (minor), Warren College

    Hello! My name is Danny and I'm a senior studying Cognitive Science specializing in Design and Interaction. I'm also doing a Technology, Innovation, and Supply Chain minor. I'm originally from San Diego, CA, but transferred last year from the University of Washington to UCSD. My main hobbies are reading, climbing, running, going to the beach, ultimate frisbee, and watching tv shows/anime/movies (my favorites genres are mystery and sci-fi/fantasy).

    When it comes to writing, I am comfortable with any type of assignment, but am most familiar with personal statements. Additionally, as a transfer in Warren college, I also have experience with WCWP 100. I'm looking forward to working with you and improving your writing!

  • Destiney F.

    Muir; Communication


    Hi! My name is Destiney and I am a second-year Communication major! I am a lover of writing: both in creative and academic contexts. I have experience with argumentative, persuasive, and personal papers; as well as professional, and research papers. I know university-level writing can be intimidating and overwhelming with our schedules, so my hope as a consultant is to create a judgment-free space where everyone can meet their goals. Likewise, I acknowledge how challenging learning can be when we have different learning styles. I myself struggle with ADHD; and with that being said, I am willing to provide different accommodations if needed! This could range from meeting in quiet spaces to providing visual aids, or anything else you might need. Although I predominantly speak English, I can also understand Tagalog with intermediate proficiency.

    I look forward to working with all of you :D

  • Elaine Z.

    Marshall College, Major in Applied Mathematics and Political Science


    Hello! My name is Elaine and I'm a Chinese International student in Junior year. I major in both Applied Mathematics and Political Science. My interest lies in a wide range of topics from politics to arts and STEM-related subjects. Writing has always been a challenging yet rewarding experience to me as a non-native (Mandarin-speaking) student. I would love to help whoever struggling with language barrier to better express their ideas. ;)

  • Erika L.

    ERC, Math-Computer Science


    Hi there, I'm Erika! I'm a Math-CS major minoring in Critical Gender Studies, and I'm passionate about machine learning research and women's issues. Even though my major doesn't involve a lot of writing, I still think that writing is incredibly important (especially for our beloved 5-quarter MMW sequence!). Writing is a form of self-expression, and it's helped me become a better communicator in all aspects of my life. Everyone has the potential to be a great writer, and I believe that good writing doesn't have to follow any specific format or look a certain way. That's exactly why I love working with students! It's always incredible seeing what everyone can create using their own unique perspectives and experiences. Growing up in LA and Singapore, I speak both English and Mandarin fluently. I've also had 4 years of experience working with ESL students on reading and writing, so I'm comfortable teaching in Mandarin, and I can understand a little bit of Japanese too!

  • Hannah J.

    Marshall College; Literature/Writing & Communication (major), Spanish Language (minor)


    What’s up I’m Hannah!!! I’m a second-year Marshall student (AKA recent graduate of the DOC series). Whatever it is that you need to produce—a metacognitive reflection, argumentative essay, personal statement, literary analysis, etc.—please drop by and let’s have a chat. You’re the expert, and I’m your assistant.

    Within the writing sphere, I most love to craft a mean poem. But I was also a high school journalist, so in contrast to my poetry, I maintain a pretty good understanding of technical, objective writing. Outside the writing sphere, I practice tattooing, graffiti art, boxing, and the guitar.

    I’m most experienced with consultation in English, moderately experienced in Spanish, and can understand/speak Korean. Additionally, I’m open to any learning/environment accommodations you might want; do let me know what’ll work best for you.

  • Harrison B.

    Major: Political Science: Public Policy, Minor: Computational Social Science


    Hello, my name is Harrison and I am a second-year Political Science major at Muir College. Although I am a native English speaker I can also provide consultations in Mandarin Chinese. I am most familiar with the MCWP sequence as well as any sort of research paper, although I would love to look at any sort of writing you have for me. Whether it be organizing your thoughts, writing out the paper itself, or checking it over, I am ready and happy to help you.

  • Heera N.

    Business Psychology (Major) & Marketing (Minor) from Eleanor Roosevelt College


    Hi! My name is Heera and I’m a 3rd Year Business Psychology Major from ERC! Writing (whether it be academic or creative) has always been an interest of mine and I look forward to helping students enhance their writing and linguistic abilities through my position as a consultant!

    I’ve completed the MMW Writing sequence and am comfortable providing feedback for a variety of academic writing projects in a variety of domains (such as marketing & business, the social sciences as well as the natural sciences). In addition, my work in research as a research assistant has equipped me with knowledge regarding writing research papers, research proposals and conducting literature reviews. Outside of academics, I enjoy reading (specifically slice-of-life books!), going to art museums and galleries as well as watching sitcoms.

    I am comfortable providing writing consultations in English, Kannada or Tamil.

  • Jackie C.

    Human Developmental Sciences


    Nice to meet you! My name is Jackie, and I’m a Human Developmental Sciences major at Seventh College. I have worked with all types of writing, ranging from research papers and literary analysis to playwriting and personal biographies. My goal is to encourage writing that you feel connected to, other people can engage with, and most importantly, makes you proud (on top of meeting whatever requirements might be needed for a class). I love working with people, and I want to make sure that writing is as non-intimidating as possible and is something you can learn from and have a good time doing in the process.

    No matter what stage you are in or what your process is, I will always be happy to brainstorm, help draft, look over, or just talk about your writing with you. If you like to pace back and forth between ideas, I will pace with you, if rapping helps to get some juices flowin’, I will bring out the sunglasses, and if you're like Dan Brown and need to hang upside down, that one might be hard to coordinate, but we will figure it out! If it helps, I am also semi-fluent in French and Mandarin.

  • Jake V.

    Cognitive Science w/ spec. Design & Interaction, Warren College


    Hey! I am a second-year student at Warren college studying cognitive science with a specialization in design and interaction. I have experience with analytical writing (AWP), the Warren writing sequence (WCWP), philosophy, and cognitive science related coursework. I am most familiar with academic writing, but please feel free to bring any type of writing, regardless of your stage in the writing process! I understand that writing can often be a difficult and overwhelming process – I would love to help you develop your writing and grow as a writer! Outside of academics, I enjoy thrifting, reading manga, listening to music and podcasts, and practicing guitar. I look forward to working with you!

  • Jay S.

    Seventh, Literature and Writing/Theatre


    As a student in the humanities, I can understand how overwhelming an important paper can feel, and how challenging it can be to ask for help. That's why I hope to provide a space for students to gain confidence in their writing. I'm interested in a helping students figure out what they want to say in their writing more than anything when reviewing. I have a background in creative and academic writing including all the factors of a research paper.

    Most of my expertise is in relation to humanities based subjects - specifically literature and history but happy to help with any assignment. Some of my outside hobbies include video games, theatre, and watching Mike's Mic recaps of TV shows I never watched growing up.

    I'm only able to offer consultations in English

  • Joud B.

    Mechanical Engineering and History, Muir College


    Hello! My name is Joud and I am a senior double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and History. I am most familiar with the MCWP sequence, history and literary analysis essays, and scientific research papers.
    I am genuinely passionate about the writing process and my goal is to create a welcoming space where you feel comfortable and confident to express your ideas. Whether you need help brainstorming, structuring your ideas, or just want a fresh perspective on your writing, I’d be happy to work with you. Writing can be a journey, and I’m here to help you on yours!

  • Jules D.

    Sociology/Law and Society & Psychology, Eleanor Roosevelt College


    Hello! My name is Jules and I am native english speaker and can confidently help students who use ASL in their writing journey. I study sociology with a specialization in law and society as well as psychology in hopes of one day becoming a criminal psychologist. I am extremely passionate about criminal justice and choose to center the majority of my writing around issues relating crime. Creative writing has always been extremely therapeutic for me and I am always looking for new prompts and topics to explore(suggest some!). I have been tutoring professionally for over 5 years and have experience with alternative learning approaches (specifically for those who are neurodivergent). I hope to foster a safe learning environment for anyone and everyone, so please reach out if there are any accommodations you need in order to succeed during our consultation. Happy writing!

  • Molly S.

    Seventh College, Human Biology Major, History and Bioethics minors


    Hey everyone! I'm Molly, a fourth year in Seventh College. I really like reading and writing about a lot of different topics, hence my Human Biology major and Bioethics and History minors! I'm familiar with historical, philosophical, and scientific writing, but I'm fully open and excited to work with you on anything you need an extra pair of eyes on, whether it be generating ideas or polishing up a final draft. I'm here to help, so if there's anything at all that I can do for you, I'm there!

  • Neranjana I.

    Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience (major)/ Music (minor), Sixth College


    I'm a third year Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience major in Sixth College. I'm also minoring in General Biology and Music. As a hopeful future teacher, I hope to foster a love for writing in others, as well as help develop long-term skills related to developing arguments and communicating ideas in an academic setting. I would love to help at any stage of the writing process!

  • Ocean F.

    Philosophy Major/Data Science Minor, Muir College


    Hello! My name is Ocean, and I'm a third year studying Philosophy with an emphasis in law and ethics. Writing has always been a huge part of my life, but I know it sometimes comes with a lot of frustration and stress. Wherever you are in your writing, I'd love to help along the way. I especially love writing argumentative and analytical papers, but I would be happy to help with any form of writing you're working on. Outside of my main field of study I've co-authored a cardiovascular research paper, and written a few other STEM topic write-ups, however that might help. Outside of school I like to climb and play badminton, and though I am most comfortable consulting in English, I am conversationally fluent in Mandarin.

  • Oishani B.

    Cognitive Science/Machine Learning & Neural Computation + Linguistics, Eleanor Roosevelt College


    Hello! I'm Oishani, a third-year in ERC majoring in Cog Sci ML and Linguistics. I have experience with writing in various fields, including research writing, literary analysis, persuasive writing, and creative writing. I think writing is a great way to express yourself and advocate for your thoughts, and that's what draws me towards it, regardless of the field. Some of my other passions include watching comedy shows, painting, lounging outdoors. and having unnecessarily deep discussions about random things. I'd love to work with you to understand how writing works for you, help you present your ideas in your voice, and give you an additional perspective in any field or type of writing! I speak Bengali and Hindi, and I'm happy to consult in these languages as well as English.

  • Oishee M.

    Revelle College, Major: Joint Math-Economics & Minor: Computer Science


    Hi! I'm Oishee, and I'm thrilled to be serving as a writing tutor for this upcoming school year. My favorite things to do are to read (novels, short stories, economic journal articles, the news, long-form essays, Substack, basically everything!) and write, and I also enjoy working out and being in nature. At UCSD, I'm involved with Triton Consulting Group and the UCSD Guardian, as well as economics research. I'm a Revelle student, and really enjoyed our humanities sequence (my favorite was studying the Enlightenment and Romanticism in HUM 4!). During a tutoring session, I'm happy to provide whatever accommodation works best for you. If you would prefer minimal conversation and mostly answering pre-written questions, we can do that. If you prefer a more interactive, discussion-heavy session, we can do that as well. If you would like me to read anything (a summary, or the whole text if time permits) a specific text prior to our session, please let me know and I will prepare accordingly. Also, I am not proficient in any language other than English.

  • Ruby G.

     Literature/Writing, Seventh College


    Hi! My name is Ruby and I’m a Literature/Writing major at Seventh College. I have extensive experience with essay writing, speech writing, and various creative work! I am more than happy to assist at every phase of the writing process–from brainstorming where to start, to finishing touches! I’m extremely passionate about the creative aspects of writing and am familiar with its technicalities, so I hope to bring these elements to other students in a way that is simple, accessible, engaging, and reflects their own personal style! I’m so excited to work with a variety of different genres and topics and hope that I can make the process of writing as fun as possible!

    In addition to English, I’m fluent in Bahasa and moderately proficient in Spanish, so if those elements would be helpful to you, I’d be happy to bring them into our consulting sessions.

  • Yufei M.

    Psychology, Sixth College


    Hey! This is Yufei, a third-year student majoring in psychology. I'm passionate about writing, as it allows us to express ourselves. From analytical essays to scientific papers, I'm here to help with any writing questions or discuss pieces you love. Writing can be tricky, but we're here to grow together as better writers. I'm excited to meet you and explore the world of writing together!

     I can provide writing consultations in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Graduate Writing Consultants

  • Alicia W.


    Hello! I’m Alicia, and I’m a PhD candidate in the Anthropology Department with a focus on linguistic anthropology. My dissertation research concerns the sociocultural and linguistic relationships between Black Deaf users of American Sign Language (ASL) and their interpreters in North America. I’ve written successful academic fellowship/grant applications, a Master’s Thesis, course papers, and workshop presentations. I also have years of poetic and fiction writing experience, which has been a hobby of mine since a young age. Writing is a complex and personal process. It can be dreadful at times but I believe it has the potential to be quite fun. I will provide a safe and encouraging space to help with your writing projects and to help you gain confidence in your writing skills. I am excited to work with you at any stage of your writing projects, no matter your discipline.

    I can provide writing consultations in English.

  • Clarissa C.

    Art History


    Hi there! My name is Clarissa C. (she/her) and I am an art history PhD student. My research focuses on contemporary science/art collaborations, posthuman feminism, expanded definitions of science, craft mediums with an emphasis on ceramics, and the ecological art practices. I have experience with academic publishing, refining artist statements, conference preparations, and time management, but welcome any writing or research project! I am committed to creating welcome, safe environment to help you reach your writing, professional, and personal goals.

    I can provide writing consultations in English.

  • Desi C.



    Hello! My name is Desi and I’m a Neuroscience PhD candidate. My research focuses on understanding how specific neural pathways contribute to visual processing. My academic writing experience in graduate school includes writing fellowship and grant applications, and more informally, I enjoy writing articles about various science topics for the general public. I have been passionate about reading and writing from a young age, particularly with the idea of telling a story and captivating the audience’s attention. Writing is such a nuanced and personal process, and I am committed to honoring and supporting your work, as well as creating a safe space where you can feel heard and valued. I look forward to working with students from any academic discipline!

    I can provide writing consultations in English.

  • Doreen H.



    Hi! My name is Doreen, and I am a Sociology PhD candidate. My research interests include race and ethnicity, immigration, education, mental health, and Asian/Asian American studies. I have worked/studied in Taiwan and Japan across different disciplines, and I love learning about different fields of study. Writing is both personal and social, and I’m happy to be part of your process.

    I can provide writing consultations in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

  • Feli H.



    My dissertation project focuses on early Cold War peace activism and the history of emotions, specifically nuclear fears and trust/distrust relationships between scientists, the public, and the central government. I also have a background in Philosophy, German Linguistics/Literature, and Pedagogy. Aside from English, I am fluent in German – I conducted my undergraduate studies in Germany where I grew up. As a bilingual writer, I am not only fascinated by languages and the diverse background of people who speak them. I also enjoy the process of converting thoughts and ideas into writing. I am looking forward to working with you at any stage of your writing project from brainstorming to polishing the final draft. 

    I can provide writing consultations in English and German.

  • Sahana K.

    Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution

    I am a PhD student in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution in the Division of Biological Sciences. My research focuses on how domestication changed the functions of the gut microbiome. I am passionate about science communication and believe that writing well is a crucial (albeit undervalued) tool to bridge the gap between scientists and the public. I find joy in interdisciplinary learning, and I look forward to reading your work.

    I can provide writing consultations in English and Spanish.

  • Yasemin T.



    I’m a PhD candidate in Sociology. I have a background in economics, mathematics, and history. My dissertation is on understanding why and how the Islamic preschools in Turkey emerged and prevailed in the last decade. More broadly, my research focuses on social inequalities, education, and social policy. I use both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and I am enthusiastic finding out about new methods and topics. Apart from my writing experience in my studies, I have experience in writing reports and policy papers in policy center and NGO contexts. Writing is an exploratory process and I look forward to supporting you in your journey to finding your voice in your writing and presenting your work to academic and non-academic circles. I can provide writing consultations in English and Turkish.