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Who We Are

The Writing Hub is one of six inter-connected units within the Teaching + Learning Commons. The Commons is a university-wide resource that supports and facilitates excellence in teaching and learning through integration, connection, and ongoing assessment of initiatives leading to an engaged and inclusive educational environment.

Toward this mission, the Writing Hub promotes faculty and student success through programs, resources, and writing-related expertise that connect writing to deeper learning, enhanced student engagement, and discovery. 


Since opening its doors in September 2016, the WH’s animating mission has been to

  • Support the UC San Diego Strategic Plan, specifically:
    • Goal 1, Strategy 2: “Assess and expand the role of writing to advance students’ academic and career goals” and “Expand the role of the Writing Center to advance students’ academic and career goals.”
      • “To strengthen student learning and engagement, we are exploring ways to integrate writing into the curriculum.
      • For undergraduates, focused writing that reflects engagement in educational activities such as internships, study abroad, and research projects can be life changing.
      • For graduate students, developing strong academic writing can directly correspond to success, especially in the period after advancement to candidacy”
    • Goal 3, Strategy 8: “Grow a high-quality, cost-effective, and diverse graduate program: Improve the transition to graduate study [through] developing introductory programs, supporting graduate student interaction across departments/disciplines, and delivering creative options to address graduate student needs.” 


We pursue the above by developing programs and services that aim to close gaps in UC San Diego graduate and undergraduate students’ education and development as writers, including:  

  • knowledge of and support for genres crucial to students’ academic success
  • knowledge of and support for key “transition” moments in students’ lives as writers (e.g. from first year writing to writing in the major; or lower-division writing to capstone/thesis level; or advanced undergraduate to novice graduate student, etc.)
  • knowledge of and support for writing “extra-/co-curricular” academic writing genres (e.g. scholarship, grant, graduate/professional school applications; job market materials; etc.)
  • to expose and address “hidden curricula,” structural inequities, and prejudice and injustice in writing instruction (most particularly discussing Standard Language Ideology / White Language Supremacy)
  • to facilitate supportive, positive, collaborative, peer-to-near peer learning about writing
  • to be a source of writing-related expertise and support for UCSD faculty, programs, departments, and units


The Writing Hub aims to create a thriving ecosystem for writing at UC San Diego, one that engages undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty in writing as a method for thinking and learning.

We believe in writing as a mechanism for deep discovery, enhanced learning, and joyful exploration. Our goal is to help students and educators tap into this power. For undergraduates, this entails supporting students as they learn from the writing process and engage in effective problem solving for new writing tasks. For graduate students, this means empowering students to leverage writing as a tool for intellectual growth and professional success. We support all of the above by working with faculty and departments to cultivate pedagogies that connect writing to learning and student success.

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