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Lecture hall with students and educator

Writing Hub Resources for Your Teaching

The Writing Hub works with faculty from a variety of disciplines to cultivate writing pedagogies that connect writing to deep learning and student success. Work with us to learn more about the theory behind writing and learning, as well as the pedagogical practices that foster meaningful learning and increase student engagement. 

Faculty Consultations

Want to chat about using writing in your courses, giving feedback on writing, and/or writing assignment design? Get individual support with writing pedagogy for undergraduate and graduate students. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Director and/or Associate Director. 

Department/Program Support

We can work with your department leadership to support large-scale curriculum mapping, curriculum design, and strategic initiatives that promote writing and/or enhance support for student writers. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Director and/or Associate Director. 

Educator Workshops

We partner with the Engaged Teaching Hub to offer workshops on a variety of writing pedagogy topics. Each workshop aims to give you specific, actionable practices that you can implement in your courses. See our current workshop schedule. 

In-Class Visits + Workshops

Would you like someone from the Writing Hub to visit your class? Our consultants are available to give brief presentations to your class about our services, or you can work with Writing Hub staff to develop an in-class workshop relevant to your students/course.

  • To schedule a class visit or work with us to develop an in-class workshop, please let us know here

Don't See What You're Looking For?

Let us know! We are happy to work with you. Contact us here

Academic Integrity

For information about best practices for promoting and protecting integrity in the remote teaching and learning environment, see the Academic Integrity Office COVID-19 webpage for faculty.