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Graduate Writing Retreats

The Writing Hub conducts multiple graduate writing retreats throughout the year. Retreats give UCSD graduate students the tools, time, and space to make progress on a writing project. Through a combination of workshops, support, and dedicated writing time, graduate writing retreats help expand graduate students' capacities as budding professional academic writers.

All writing retreat sessions will continue to happen online, via Zoom. Participants will be sent the appropriate Zoom link once their RSVPs have been confirmed by the Writing Hub. 

What to Expect

Retreats explore writing-related topics, such as overcoming writer's block, building sustainable writing habits, and experimenting with new writing strategies. These presentations help orient participants to positive writing practices and create a supportive community of graduate student writers. 

The majority of each session will be devoted to focused, independent writing time where participants can work on their own writing projects. During this time, participants will have a dedicated space to make progress on a writing project, while in the company and solidarity of other graduate writers.

Retreat Policies

You are welcome to register for as many writing retreats as you wish, but please keep in mind that each retreat will have similar instructional content.

Full attendance in your retreat is expected. Missing more than one retreat session may result in being removed from the retreat. 

Participants who miss the first retreat session will be removed from the retreat. This is to strengthen and protect the community-building that occurs on the first day, which is a crucial aspect of the program. 

Accountability During the Retreat

Committing to a retreat requires that you intentionally make room for each retreat session in your schedule. We trust your judgment about your time and participation when you make the commitment to register for the retreat. On the first day of the retreat, we will develop a variety of strategies to hold ourselves accountable for the remainder of the retreat. We ask that you respect the retreat and make it a priority in your schedule.


  • You can reserve your spot by filling out an RSVP form, which can be found on our Events +Sign-Ups page
  • After you sign up, the Writing Hub will send the appropriate Zoom link to confirm your registration.