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Writing Support for Educators and Faculty

The Writing Hub works with faculty and educators from across campus, combining your disciplinary expertise with our knowledge of writing pedagogy to create writing experiences that catalyze deep learning and authentic engagement with course material. 

For Your Students

  • We can help you explore ways to connect your students to available services and programs at the Writing Hub and the Teaching + Learning Commons

For Your Teaching

  • Designing writing assignments for deep learning: From individual assignments to course or curriculum re-design, we combine expertise with partners across campus to create writing experiences that foster deeper learning and more student engagement.
  • Effective practices for grading and feedback: We explore what feedback students really need and how to minimize grading time through targeted, specific feedback practices 
  • Doctoral student advising: We work with faculty advisors and departments to develop programs and practices for supporting doctoral-level writers.
  • Department-level assessment and initiatives: We can provide both expertise and infrastructure to support curriculum mapping and program innovations that expand or improve student writing in your department, undergraduate major, or graduate program. 

For Your Writing

  • We believe that keeping faculty engaged and reflective in their own writing processes enhances their work with graduate and undergraduate students. We offer several faculty-oriented services to help you make progress on your writing projects and reflect on your writing process. 

What We Offer

  • One-on-One Teaching Consultations: Work closely with the Writing Hub Director and/or Associate Director to explore your vision and get ideas for how to make it a reality. To schedule a consultation, contact us
  • One-on-One Writing Consultations: Meet with a member of Writing Hub staff to discuss your current project and engage in meaningful discussion about your ideas. To schedule a consultation, contact us
  • Educator Workshops: In partnership with the Engaged Teaching Hub, we offer workshops on a topics that connect writing and pedagogy. Each workshop aims to give you specific, actionable practices. See our current workshop schedule
  • In-Class Visits and Workshops: A member of the Writing Hub staff can present to your students directly on a variety of writing-related topics, or to simply encourage them to visit the Writing Hub. Learn more about our in-class offerings
  • Faculty Writing Retreats and Writing Room: Designated time, space, and strategies to focus on your writing projects and make progress on your work. Learn more

    Academic Integrity

    For information about best practices for promoting and protecting integrity in the remote teaching and learning environment, see the Academic Integrity Office COVID-19 webpage for faculty.