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Consultant Success Stories

Our undergraduate and graduate student writing consultants are indispensable members of our team. We invest in our consultants’ education and aim to create a work environment that is intellectually engaging and community-oriented. In turn, we expect our consultants to be curious, reflective, intentional, and engaged with their work. The result is a community of consultants with deep connection to their work with students, the Writing Hub, and the campus.



Working at the Writing Hub for the past year has introduced me to students I wouldn't have otherwise met. I think our diverse team of Writing Consultants represents the variety of student interests at UC San Diego, and our shared love for writing brings us together. I'm very grateful for the professional relationships amongst our team. But, most of all, I'm thankful for the friendships that I've built out of this program. Writing Hub is most definitely defined by our community of coworkers, and I am so lucky to have such an amazing one!

When it comes to writing and education, I discovered a newfound passion for education; tutoring students in writing is an act of empowerment. We're able to amplify their voices and help them accomplish their academic and career goals. On a personal note, I can definitively say that my writing skills have improved and my writing style more developed. I've become a better listener, communicator, and friend because of my experience as a WH tutor the last two years. I can't imagine my college experience without having been a part of WH!



As an Asian-American woman, it has been hard to feel like my voice matters. But after working at the Writing Hub, I have discovered my unique writing voice, learned how to advocate for myself, and empowered others. Naturally, my interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills improved significantly.

One of the bigger things that the Writing Hub has done for me is empower me to choose a career I’m passionate about. After being undecided about my major for half of my years at UCSD, I finally came to the realization that I love education. The Writing Hub has sparked my pursuit of a teaching credential. Ultimately, I want to leverage my teaching experience and get involved in educational policy. I hope to improve the curriculums that the Writing Hub has taught me so much about.

Lastly, I have the Writing Hub to thank for giving me such a supportive community. The staff and coworkers that I’ve met are truly one of a kind! This community has give me the space to grow and appreciate all it has to offer. I have made some true friends. I have made invaluable connections with the staff. I have found a place of belonging.



When I first applied to work at the Writing Hub, I could not have predicted how much of a positive impact it would have on my time at UCSD. First and foremost, the Writing Hub has given me a community to belong to. I cherish my coworkers and the friendships that have developed, and am so thankful for the unconditional personal, academic, and professional support they've given me.

Secondly, the Writing Hub has given me a new outlook on writing. Instead of trying to create the “perfect” product, I now appreciate the creativity of the process itself, which has encouraged me to be more comfortable experimenting with my own writing. Sharing this appreciation with the students and seeing them take pride in their writing has been one of the best parts of being a writing consultant.

Finally, my favorite part of this experience has been the bidirectional learning that takes place in every session. I’ve learned so much about different subjects, from marine biology to philosophy, through talking with students about their writing. I’ve learned that I never want to stop learning, and this realization has been a huge source of confidence as I plan my post baccalaureate career. The Writing Hub has empowered me in more ways than one, and for this, I will be forever grateful. 



I’ve been lucky enough to work as a writing tutor for the past three years, and I still learn something new every day. I learn about the world through the amazing students I tutor, who share their work from class and their personal projects. I learn about writing through Tutor Education Sessions and conversations with my colleagues. And I learn about myself, as I strive to become a better tutor with every session. It is incredibly rewarding to work with the amazing people at UC San Diego, and I love seeing my students grow as writers and thinkers when we work together. These are opportunities I never would have had anywhere else, and I am so grateful to the Writing Hub for these experiences.

Working as a writing tutor has allowed me to not only help others, but also refine my own work. I believe in the power of writing; it empowers us to communicate and express ourselves effectively, which is incredibly fulfilling. Because of the incredible skills that I have gained through this job, I feel truly prepared to write, edit, and communicate in my professional career.

This job has shown me the unmatched power of collaboration and community. To say the Writing Hub is full of kind people is like saying that the sun is hot; while true, it doesn’t capture the magnitude of that truth. By becoming a tutor here, I joined a community of dedicated, selfless, brilliant people who improve the lives of everyone around them. I am grateful for the professional and personal connections I have made here, and I am going to miss this place when I graduate!



Working at the Writing Hub has reinforced how important building connections are towards my sense of belonging to UCSD. I have met a diverse range of individuals throughout my time at the Writing Hub, from tutoring sessions to orientation, and all of them have been so helpful in making my college experience so wonderful. All of my coworkers are so talented, and I feel so seen and heard whenever I am around them. Everyone is truly so supportive and empowering, and I will definitely miss the positive community and work environment.

My time at the Writing Hub has taught me to see writing as a process and art form. I used to view writing as a means to an end, and I used to believe that "good" writing meant using big words and having correct grammar. Through interactions with students and their work, I have learned that there are so many different yet valid ways to think and write. With art, there is no correct way to paint, and there is no correct portrayal of an idea. In the same vein, there is no correct way to write or express your ideas. Writing is all about creative expression and finding ways to clearly communicate your thoughts.

The Writing Hub has reinforced how important continuous learning is, and I am thankful for all the students and situations that have shaped me to be more inquisitive, assertive, and flexible. I sincerely appreciate the past 2 years at the Writing Hub, and I wish the best for everyone's writing journey!