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Writing Hub Resources for Your Writing

We believe that keeping faculty engaged and reflective in their own writing processes enhances their work with graduate and undergraduate students. That's why we offer Writing Retreats and a Faculty Writing Room to help you make progress on your writing projects and reflect on your writing process.

Along the way, we're here to help you authentically connect your writing process to your teaching and advising practices. 

One-on-One Faculty Writing Consultations

Struggling with your current writing project(s)? Want to talk through quandaries about structure, evidence, co-authorship, editorial practices, and beyond? The Writing Hub can work with you. We engage faculty in meaningful conversation about their work and ask the right questions to excavate deeper insights. Sometimes, a 60-minute conversation with a skillful listener can be more productive than hours spent laboring to produce words on the page. To schedule a faculty writing consultation, contact us here

Faculty Writing Retreats

We partner with the Center for Faculty Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to offer Faculty Writing Retreats throughout the year. Generally, Faculty Retreats are offered in summer. To learn more about our retreat model and see when our next retreat will be offered, contact us here. 

Virtual Writing Room

Need a designated time and space to write during the academic quarter? We create space for faculty and graduate students to come together, set short-term writing goals, and write together. The Writing Room currently meets virtually every weekday. Please check our events page for more information.