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Writing Hub Resources for Your Students

The Writing Hub offers a suite of programs and services for both undergraduate and graduate student writers. In addition, we also partner with faculty to offer in-class workshops and class visits. 

Undergraduate Student Services

  • One-on-one writing consultations with one of our undergraduate writing consultants. 45-minute appointments, up to 3 appointments per week. 
  • Writing workshops on a variety of college-level writing topics.

Graduate Student Services

  • One-on-one writing consultations with a graduate student writing consultant. 30- or 60-minute appointments, up to 2 hours per week. 
  • Writing Retreats to help grad students make progress on a project while cultivating positive writing practices. 
  • Virtual Writing Room: a daily time and space for grad students to come and work
  • Writing Workshops on a variety of doctoral-level writing topics.

Class Visits (Writing Consultant Presentation)

  • Brief class presentation from Writing Hub consultant or professional staff.
  • Help your students learn about our services and encourage participation in writing support.
  • Schedule a class visit.

In-Class Workshops

  • Longer, more substantive presentations from Writing Hub staff, addressing topics such as: effective reading strategies, procrastination and writer's block, peer review, writing on the quarter system, etc.
  • Work with Writing Hub staff to design an in-class workshop that meets your teaching needs. 
  • Workshops at either the undergraduate or graduate course level.
  • To start planning an in-class workshop, contact us here.

Tips for Instructors: Connecting Students with the Writing Hub

1. SET EXPECTATIONS – Tell students that our tutors will give feedback to help them develop as writers; avoid the words “fix,” “proofread,” and “edit.”

2. SUGGEST, DON’T REQUIRE – Students often treat required tutoring as a box to check off their to-do list; tell them they have to go and they’ll go. Offer extra credit and they’ll be there for extra credit. But if you tell them what you see in their writing that is promising and could be improved by working with a tutor, they’ll actively participate in and learn from a tutoring session.

3. ASK THEM TO REFLECT – Ask students to write you a note after their Writing Hub tutoring session articulating their expectations, what they experienced, and what they found useful.

4. CONNECT WITH US – Arrange for a tutor come to your class to introduce the Writing Hub, or email us to request an in-class workshop to cover a specific writing topic. Inviting the Writing Hub to your classroom shows your students that you endorse the service and encourages them in ways both direct and indirect. 

Writing Hub Blurb for Course Syllabus

Let your students know about the Writing + Critical Expression Hub services by adding the blurb below to your course syllabus:

The Writing Hub - Need help with a writing project or assignment? Want to talk through your ideas or get a second opinion on whether your writing is clear, logical, and well-supported? The Writing Hub can help!
Located in the Geisel Library, the Writing Hub offers UC San Diego students free one-on-one help with any writing project—from cover letters to lab reports, research papers to grant proposals. Visit the Writing Hub to meet with a supportive, well-trained peer writing mentor who will help you gain perspective on what works and what can be improved in your writing.
The Writing Hub | |
  • What? Free help for writers
  • Where? Geisel Library, lower level west (part of the Teaching + Learning Commons)
  • When? Sunday-Friday, including evenings; see for hours.
  • How? Book appointments at